Drewsi Donates OLD OLD SEE FAQs

Giving back feels so good!

Shopping at Drewsi provides you with great gear you'd buy anyway, with one major difference: We use a portion of every sale to create free custom t-shirts for underprivileged kids, each decorated with their own design.

How can you help?

The more you buy, the more we donate. Also don't forget that in addition to the educational benefits of custom t-shirts, the kids are getting a fantastic quality t-shirt, maybe one of the best in their wardrobe. It's an awesome experience and practical.

Other than buying our products, you can help us by sharing the Drewsi mission with your friends and family on social media, in the office, everywhere! Our hope is that you love your Drewsi gear so much that every time someone says, "hey, I like your t-shirt" you'll proudly tell them where they can buy their own.

What is Drewsi's mission?

Click here to learn more about Drewsi's Mission and Story!

Does Drewsi still make free t-shirts if I 'Design My Own' gear?

Yes! Whether you're choosing from our online store's hand-picked designs, or customizing gear with designs you've uploaded, we're setting aside part of your purchase to create custom t-shirts for disadvantaged kids.

When do we create and donate the free t-shirts to kids?

We prefer to give t-shirts to entire groups of kids (such as a classroom) simultaneously to create a shared, and thus more powerful, experience. We make a big event out of it, complete with a discussion on how their t-shirts were made and how every child in the world can be an entrepreneur.