Drewsi Donates

Giving back feels so good!

Drewsi is fashion with purpose. Shopping at Drewsi provides you with great gear you'd buy anyway, with one major difference: We use a portion of every sale to create free custom t-shirts for disadvantaged kids, each decorated with their own design. You'll look and feel great every time you put on one of our high quality and totally unique t-shirts.

The Drewsi Mission

Our charitable mission is to amplify the creative and entrepreneurial minds of children, and we think custom t-shirts is such a fun and effective way to do this. The first time they see the t-shirt they've created is an intensely happy, memorable, and educational moment. The artistic and entrepreneurial parts of their brains collide!

Imagine their neural pathways firing as their wonderfully plastic brains process what they're seeing. How is this t-shirt made? Where did it come from? What else can I make that has value? New and unique experiences like this are a critical part of generating internal drive and self-sustaining confidence in children.

We think kids should be creative and entrepreneurial at a very early age. Every single child in the world deserves to see their artwork on their clothing at least once!

Our Story

The Drewsi team is a collection of family, friends, and partners who love kids and their endless creativity. We also think it's silly how much people spend on clothes that look like everyone else's. Yogi Berra, a sports legend and amateur philosopher, once said, "nobody goes there anymore, it's too crowded". That's how we feel about most of the brands people wear today.

Instead, we love small batch, craft, off-the-run, and sometimes totally quirky and abstract stuff. The unrefined designs of kids are all of these things and more. We also love neuroscience, especially how the brain works. We believe Drewsi offers an innovative way to amplify the learning process.

The Drewsi concept was born in Australia, but we're a global crew with massive ambitions. We believe there are people everywhere who want differentiated fashion and would rather see their purchases make a difference in the world. We hope you'll help us develop more human beings in the world like you!

How can you help?

The more you buy, the more we donate. In addition to the educational benefits of custom t-shirts, the kids are getting a fantastic quality t-shirt, maybe one of the best in their wardrobe. It's an awesome experience and practical.

Other than buying our products, you can help us by sharing the Drewsi mission with your friends and family on social media, in the office, everywhere! Our hope is that you love your Drewsi gear so much that every time someone says, "hey, I like your t-shirt" you'll proudly tell them where they can buy their own.